Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Penyahtewan Assembly

The games first "epic" came and went in the last week.  We had five feats plus a "make up" feat after we failed the third feat of the assembly.  I wanted to offer a quick review of the feats in the assembly and say a few things about what can be learned for future feats.

First of all, a couple of metrics for feats.  The first is the percentage of the total that was completed by the top 26 contributors - that is, if you add up the contributions of the top 26, what is that as a percentage of the total that was accomplished.  This gives us an idea how much the success of the feat was dependent on "hardcore" players or people who really grinded to get the top spot.

The second is the percentage of the total that was completed by the top 1009 contributors.  The feat page only lists the contribution of the top 1009 so it seems like another benchmark.

Finally, we'll take a look at how many glitchen participated.  Since we know how much was contributed in total, and how much was contributed by the top 1009, we know how much was contributed by everyone else.  We also know the maximum contribution of every out of the top 1009.  That means we can calculate an absolute minimum number of participants.  Of course the minimum number of participants doesn't give us a great picture of how many people participated.  For example, on Call to Feast the lowest contribution in the top 1009 was 1 invite, which means that we know for a fact all other participants put in exactly 1 invite.  By contrast, the 1009th place glitch contributed 1830 sparkly for Sparkla's Shine on the Giants.  It's possible that most of the people past the 1009th person contributed over 1000 sparkly or it could be that thousands of people only put in one.  I'm open to suggestions for how to get a decent estimate of how many people participated, but none of the methods I've come up with are satisfactory to me, so I'm not venturing a guess. Still, I'll discuss it a little bit for each one.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Back on Topic with Energy Changes

I went a little off the rails in my last post, adding quite a flight of fancy to my core message.  But the core message is that we need to have some expectations regarding skills and some consistency with regards to how many skills you have to allocate to get something done.  Since there are penalties for having more skills than your brain capacity, it is a little odd that you have to devote very different numbers of skills to very similar capabilities.

This is especially true when I am suggesting that we change the penalty for being over brain capacity to increased energy loss.  So let's get to the bit about energy.