Friday, 9 March 2012

Nothing New Here

I have to admit I haven't gotten a lot of Glitch in this week, mostly thanks to the beta of a certain other game.

Longer-lived Butterflies.  I unwittingly did an experiment in letting my butterfly milker get full this week. It is reasonable to wonder whether a full milker continues to drain life from the butterflies or if the milk-taking event gets stopped short.  By not logging in for three days I probably got my answer as my butterfly is alive and well when it would have expired had I been emptying the milker.  Of course this is confounded by my singing experiment, but I should be able to separate the two issues and be sure that a full milker doesn't shorten a butterfly's life soon enough.

Diablo 3.  Now obviously Glitch and Diablo 3 have slightly different target audiences, so I'm not going to recommend all Glitch players jump on the Diablo 3 bandwagon, but wow is this game fun.  Right now it also has the distinction of probably being the only action game I've ever played that is actually easier than Glitch.  If you don't understand how that could be, my only answer is that I beat the final boss of the beta without touching my keyboard or mouse - in Glitch you will actually die if you wander away from the computer for long enough.  At any rate, I'm sure they will sort that out and I am looking forward to fighting the forces of evil at launch.

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