Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Am I Back?

Is this blog still alive?  We'll soon see!

Hiatus.  Well obviously I disappeared for a few weeks there, partly thanks to the Diablo 3 beta (I will disappear again on May 15) and partly because of my disappointment with the early March housing release.  That's not to say that the housing release wasn't awesome in a way, but because it was just a test, there were limited furniture styles and everything was free there was nothing to work towards and not a lot of play to extract from it.  I thought early March was the big change to imagination.

Butterfly Milkers.  Having a large number of butterfly milkers means getting less milk per time.  I'm determining the actual formula.

"Nerf" to Vendors.  According to today's tweet there will be a bigger spread between vendor buy and sell prices.  This is going to have a huge economic impact and will probably be a sizable benefit to the wealthy at the expense of the less-wealthy.  I'll get into this more in a couple of days, first I have to see what the new prices are, plug some numbers into existing spreadsheets and built a new spreadsheet.  I like spreadsheets!

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