Monday, 16 April 2012

Level 60s and Badges

Over 400 glitchen have reached level 60 to date, and there is probably another week to go before xp goes away.  I still have the high score, naturally.

1009 Tinctures.  I was a little surprised this one took as long as it did.  It seems like I made so many tinctures that did not go into potions that I would have hit this way in advance of hitting the potion badge, but I suppose it's easy to overestimate how many things you've actually made.

5000 Herbs.  This one surprised me in the other way.  I thought I was going to get the top potion badge first.

1033 Potions.  It can't be much longer before I get this.  I have a very large pile of charades potions that were made after the 457 badge.  Obviously the number I need to get from point A to point B can't be larger than 576, so I have to be getting close.  Speaking of which, if you'd like a charades potion, feel free to request one.

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