Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Earning Imagination from your Street

I've just begun my list of how much imagination you earn for everything that is done on your street.  It's not much of a list so far, all I know is that someone watering your garden plot gives you nothing while someone harvesting from one of your trees gives you eight.

My hypothesis, based on those two facts, is that you only earn imagination when someone gets something from your street.  If this is true then scooping, digging, mining, harvesting and picking herbs and crops should give you imagination, while watering, petting, and tending should not.  Fireflies will be a little harder to test and a little weirder.

Also I was out getting some metal last night and I ended up restoring some metal rocks on someone's street.  I've noted all of the relevant information about that so that I can compare the process with future restoration projects.  Mostly, what I want to know is:
  • How does the game calculate the total value of a project (how does it know what percent done you are)?
  • Does the total value of the project determine the imagination rewarded for it?
  • Is restoring things really worth it now or should we still clear and replace?
Answer will follow in the coming weeks.

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