Friday, 15 June 2012


Instead of numbers and things about the game today, I'm going to just use a post to talk about ideas I have.  I'm going to cross-post this on the ideas forum.  Somewhere in my heart I hope this makes you think, "No numbers?  I think I'll skip this post."  If it doesn't (shame on you!) then here is what I've been thinking about:

I would like more ways to enjoy purple flowers in the game.  The flowers themselves are pretty tame, and the essence is pretty over the top, but the range of purple experiences has yet to be fully explored.

Where would these new things come from?  They could be potions that use essences of purple, or alchemical powders or cocktails that use purple flours as an ingredient.  Perhaps we would even use a knife and board to turn purple flowers into "purple flour" and cook it into treats.  However we get it, here is a list of things that purple could do to you.

Bizarre Actions
A purple effect could cause bizarre actions to be added to your verb list with various things.  For example. you click an icon and one of the options is "Nibble."  You click a tree and one option is "Smelt."

These actions take three to five seconds, cost some energy and generate some imagination, and, naturally, put corresponding weird messages in local chat and in the chat of another glitch who you perform them on ("Humbabella as squeezed you.").  They don't do anything else though.  Throw in a couple of actions that can't otherwise be performed in the game like "Absorbing" or "Defenestrating."

Unexpected Destinations
A purple effect could cause you to not end up where you mean to when using street signs.  Basically every time you use a sign to you go to a random place instead of where the sign is supposed to take you to.  It could just be places in Ur, or it could include your friend's streets or all player streets, but if it included player streets you'd probably want to do an initial check (Ur or player streets) to properly weight the odds of each.  For extra fun, let this effect take you to Naraka streets without being dead or to other such strange locations.

Purple a Street
Release some sort of purple gas that allows the Scion to manifest on a street outside of the Voyage.  Obviously this would have to do some kind of wonky things, perhaps in some ways similar to a rook attack, but adding rather than subtracting imaginativity to the street.

Palette Shift
Make your whole world look purple, or even more extremely, make your world look like the purple basement street, with all the backgrounds going purple and all the foreground and game objects becoming silhouettes.

Have the Scion give you meaningful prophecies
When the scion says something like, "your destiny is in <street name>" temporarily set some kind of trigger in that street for that player so they can actually see what the scion sent them for.  Have other such triggers.

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  1. such is my dedication to this blog that I read even when there aren't numbers... some fun ideas here, but couldn't you fancy them up with a couple numbers? ;)

    - Tribeca