Thursday, 16 February 2012

How Embarassing!

In a humbling example of why you should always double check you numbers before talking about things, I have discovered that my understanding teleportation costs for lower ranks of the skill were way off.  In fact, the actual cost of teleportation for ranks 1 through 4 is pretty much what I was suggesting they change the cost to in my maximum energy policy paper!

So, on one hand I was a total idiot.  On the other hand, apparently TS agrees with my instinct for what the cost of teleportation should be.  I've amended the policy paper and still suggest changing meditation to be maximum energy based, and reducing the extremely high value of quoins in the Ancestral Lands but also reducing their respawn time so that players can get the same effect from a visit but use up more of their maximum quoins per day to do so.

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