Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Icons Love Money

Icons Reward Tithing.  It turns out the first action you take with an icon after tithing to it is more rewarding than actions that follow.  The average revere immediately after tithing was 50% larger than the average of other reveres.  Of course this doesn't change anything about how you interact with your icons, except that maybe you'll be willing to revere them when you have more energy, knowing that you aren't going to get a 1700 energy revere if you didn't just tithe.

Exhausted Butterflies.  My butterfly gave 438 milks before returning to Humbaba, and another Mathemaglitchian's gave 400.  We are both doing another test.  I'm not sure at this point whether to suspect that the amount of milks given is random or whether to suspect that it is 400 and I made a mistake.  I'll double check my times against the number of milks produced to make sure it stayed at one every 24 minutes.

Badges.  In addition to getting the leaderboards high score in a facetious way, I also collected some big badges this weekend: Paul Bunions, Senior Mending Manager, Kitchen Division, and Chute Jockey.  I also picked up my 811st potion pour, though that pretty much comes free with bunions.  It had been 12 days since I earned a badge and then I got four just over 24 hours.  Unfortunately my lack of desire to play Game of Crowns will make me a perennial 20th+ place on the badge leaderboards (which, by the way, are the real leaderboards).

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