Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sally Noskills

While waiting for the housing change, I've spend a little time playing my alt, Sally Noskills, who has no skills.  Perpetually trapped in the early game, Sally provides an interesting perspective on what is fun and what is not fun.

Zoom!  Zoom has been incredible.  There has been so much to discover in the world when you can look outside the streets and see their entirety at once.

Second Butterfly Down.  This one gave exactly 400 milks.  Given my method of recording milks from the first, it's actually really hard for me to understand how I could have had an extra 38 on there, but I'm fairly sure I did.  At any rate, I'll be singing to this butterfly every day to see how much longer it lasts.

Eight Meat Collectors.  I have eight meat collectors in my house for my one piggy.  Unfortunately I am not noticing a uniform rate at which their are collecting meat.  With one it was definitely every 24 minutes just like the butterfly milker, but with eight I'm sometimes getting around the same and sometimes getting a lot less.  I makes me wonder if the way the "slowdown" works is that there is just a chance that a tick doesn't happen.  Of course I'm also worried that the piggy not being petted might complicated the issue. After I'm done with the butterfly experiment I might try timing with milkers since that prevents any petting-related problems.  Maybe I should get an alt house somewhere and start now.  I can't see this as being a violation of the community guidelines since I wouldn't actually be getting any in-game benefit, it's purely for science.

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