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I've spoken up in a couple of forum threads about whether it is worth it to tithe to icons.  Being level 60, I never use them for mood or xp, but for the last few weeks I have been carrying all eleven icons around in my bags to revere when I get low on energy.

Tithing to icons at high level is somewhat expensive so it seems a lot of people choose to stop tithing and, consequently, to stop revering.  I've posted a couple of estimates suggesting that it is indeed efficient to use tithe and revere, but without data I felt the need to be very conservative in my estimates.

I now have more than 300 icon uses to average, so I can be pretty confident that my estimates are reasonable.  I'm made more confident because in the last 100 uses the average has only changed by around 5.  It's not dead on, I'm sure, but it's not way off either.  In the end, I averaged 709 energy per revere and 4 reveres per tithe.  That's 0.49 currants per energy.  Tithing seems to be an efficient way to turn currants into energy.

But do you really want to carry them around in your bags?  Assuming you don't carry emblems around you think inventory slots are worth more than 20 energy a day.  Carrying an icon around allows you to purchase approximately 25% of your energy capacity in energy for 13% of your energy capacity in currants.

Awesome Stew
Suppose instead you spent the 13% of your energy capacity in currants on Awesome Stew at auction, which can normally be had for 160 currants, or 0.8 currants per energy.  You would have gained 16.25% of your energy capacity by doing so.  That means that the inventory slot you are using for the icon is producing 8.75% of your energy capacity each day.

Of course that Stew would have taken up room in your bags when you weren't eating it.  The number of slots it would occupy is 25% of your energy capacity divided by 2400, or just over 0.01% of your energy capacity.  That doesn't sound like a lot, but if you have an energy capacity of 1000 then carrying enough stew for all 11 icons would take 1.15 inventory slots.  That means that you are getting 96.25% of your energy capacity per day from the 11 icons for only 9.85 inventory slots, increasing the energy gain from 8.75% per slot to 9.77% per slot.  At level 60 it's 12.5% per slot.

In theory you could avoid this requirement for slots for the stew by using a just-in-time delivery system.  If you only buy stew as you need it then you'll never have to carry it.  If you do that kind of micromanaging and only carry one stack of stew at a time then you should probably count the icons at only 8.75% of energy capacity per day.  If you don't, and I don't think many people do, then the value of icons should reflect your actual playstyle rather than the optimal one.

Raw Meat
What if you meet your energy needs with raw meat and never spend currants for food?   If you consistently sell things to the tool vendor then this scenario is almost identical to the Awesome Stew scenario because you effectively pay 0.8 currants per energy.  If you don't make regular trips to Cebarkul then you are paying 0.7 currants per energy to eat the meat.  In that case, you could sell enough raw meat to regain 18.5% of your energy in order to pay for the tithe cost on one revere action.  That means the inventory slot is producing 6.5% of your energy capacity each day.

The inventory space issue might also be less with meat.  If you wander areas with piggies as you play then you can essentially ignore the inventory requirements, doing away with excess meat whenever and however you wish and knowing that there will always be more energy for you wherever you go.  If, however, you gather meat and then head off to the mines, you'll need to factor the inventory space in.  In this case, meat stacks only hold 600 energy each, so the cost carry meat four times higher than it is to carry awesome stews.  That means that even selling to non-tool vendors, with 1000 energy the value per inventory slot of icons come out to 15.5%,  At level 60 the meat actually takes up more space than the icons, so the icons are saving you inventory slots compared to carrying meat.

Energy vs. Inventory
There is no easy way to qualify the value of an inventory slot in terms of energy per day.  As noted above, if you don't carry around emblems it probably means you value inventory slots at 20 or higher.    Just ask yourself, each time you play glitch, would you be happier paying a certain amount of energy and getting another inventory slot.  The payment won't reduce your energy capacity, so it won't reduce the cost of teleporting, it would just be a tax you pay each day for the inventory.

At a cost of 20 I think I might buy 40 or 50 inventory slots.  At a cost of 186 - that being 6.5% of level 60 energy capacity - I would definitely not buy any.  Since 6.5% is pretty much the bottom end of icon value, I can be fairly sure that I want to have icons with me and tithe to them whenever necessary.

If after reading all of this you have a sudden burning desire to get icons - and who wouldn't - I'm usually happy to trade any emblem for any other emblem (with the exception of giving up my Humbaba emblems) to help you out.  Just find me in game.

Enjoy your icons,

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